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There must be 40% of your lash extensions still on to be considered a fill. Anything less or anything after 20 days, our lash technicians will only perform a Full Set treatment so you can achieve the best results.

Please check in 10-mins prior to your set appointment time with NO makeup on your eyes or lash line. (Please prepare to provide a form of ID when checking in)

A “No-Show” is a client who does not show up to their scheduled appointment without canceling a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Failure to be present at your scheduled appointment time without notice, will be recorded in each client’s chart as a “No-Show”.

A second occurrence of “No-Show” without reasonable cause may result in client discharge from the facility.

**Less than 24hours notice in advance will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved services.

Late/Tardy Policy:
We will always try our best to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, etc. It happens, we know! However, your tardiness can affect the remainder of our teams’ day by delaying them for their clients who come in on time. For this reason, we have set a few general ground rules for such situations. Clients will generally be allowed a 10 minute grace period. After that time, we will try to give you a courtesy call to check in on you. If you are able to make it in time for your entire service to be completed, great! If not, you may have to forgo parts of the service and in order to keep it in the time allotted for you. Please, always call if you even think you might be late; we’d rather know as early as possible so we can do our best to fit you in without upsetting the flow of our day!

Again, please remember that your appointments are reserved for you & only you. These policies allow us the opportunity to alert our standby clients of any openings, therefore allowing us to provide the best service possible. We very much appreciate your business and compliance with our policies. See you soon!

Canceling Your Appointment: In order to be respectful of the needs of other clients and avoid cancellation fees, we require that you provide us notice of your cancellation, reschedule or appointment adjustments, a minimum of 24-hours in advance from your scheduled appointment time. Your appointment can only be cancelled over the phone. Any cancellation/reschedule made less than 24hours in advance will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved services.

How To Cancel: ALL appointments must be cancelled between our business operating hours 10am-7pm. ALL Tuesday appointments must be cancelled by Sunday between our business operating hours 10am-6pm. Your appointment must be cancelled with a receptionist over the phone . Please request an email confirmation to be sent to you, if you are unsure whether your appointment has been cancelled.

Same Day or Late Cancellations: A “Same Day or Late Cancellation” applies to cancellations made within 24- hours of your confirmed and scheduled appointment time. This applies to any cancellations resulting from being late to your appointment, services being removed or changed from your originally scheduled appointment, or the cancellation of one or more services from your scheduled appointment due to pre and post care negligence. Any cancellation/reschedule made less than 4hours in advance will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved services.

Pre-Authorized Card and Fees:  All clients are required to have a card on file to be able to book appointments. The card(s) you provide, you are providing as your pre-authorized card on file in-case any fees are owed due to the violation of our policies. Please call the location you are booked for to notify the office promptly if you need to cancel, reschedule, or make adjustments to your appointment(s). In the case that your appointment(s) is/are cancelled or adjusted due to the violation of our policies, 100% of your scheduled service(s) will be applied to the card you provided on file

Here are a few tips for proper care of your lash extensions so they last longer:

  • Keep your lashes dry for 24-48 hrs. This means avoiding washing your eyes, hot steam showers or excessive moisture, so plan accordingly.
  • After the 24-48hr period is over, it is important that you wash your lash extensions daily with a quality cleanser.
  • No picking/pulling/rubbing your lash extensions
  • Do not use eyelash curlers
  • Avoid oil based products around your eyes
  • Brush your lash extensions twice a day with a clean lash wand
  • Avoid extreme heat, facials & chemical peels
  • DO NOT try to remove your lash extensions yourself- always have a professional do it to avoid damage to your natural lashes.
  • Schedule you follow up Fill appointment every 2-3 weeks.

APPOINTMENTS:  No deposit is required, however, you will be required to place a credit card on file to reserve your appointment.

CLASSES: A deposit of $500.00 (US dollars) is required to reserve any in person class (one on one class or live group class). 

DIGITAL COURSES: Payment is due in full upon enrolling in any digital course, unless you choose the payment plan option. If you choose the payment plan option, your first payment will be processed immediately and subsequent payments will be processed as stated in the payment plan terms.

*Deposits are non-refundable.

No refunds will be given on services or products. If you are unhappy with a service, you may contact us within 24 hours of your appointment to discuss your concerns. We will do our very best to fix and address your concerns.

FOR CLASSES: All deposits on classes are non-refundable. However, if you need to reschedule your class, you may transfer your deposit to the rescheduled date if notify us at least 2-weeks in advance. Please email us at

FOR DIGITAL COURSES: Due to the nature of online digital courses, there is a no refund policy on any digital product purchases. 

FOR PRODUCTS:  Please refer to our return policy for returns and refunds.