Foam Wash & Cleansing Brush Set

Product Description

Star Lash Foam Wash & Brush Set is an eyelash shampoo which keeps your lashes clean, prevents germs and extends the life of your extensions. Recommended to use twice a day.


Dispense a single pump of foam onto the fingers and massage gently into the lash line with the brush provided. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use at least once daily, twice if you wear makeup around the eyes.


Di-water, Decyl glucoside, Sodium cocoyl glutamate, Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate, Lauryl glucoside, Citricacid, Sodium gluconate, Sodium benzoate,Ylang Ylang Oil.


Rinse thoroughly after use with water to avoid any irriation with skin or eyes. If experiencing an allergic reaction, please consult a physician.


Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. Do not store under direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children."

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